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SUBJECT: Model Ship Building Secrets Goes LIVE!

I haven’t seen this much “buzz” about
a new product in the Model Ship Building
community for a while… 

… maybe because it’s *rare* to
see something that introduces something
totally NEW — and at just the right time
for you to improve your Ship Modeling.

It’s called “Model Ship Building Secrets


Dr Mike, in Russia is known as on of the
world greatest model ship builders.  

He was the only person ever to achieve a
perfect 300 (100 points by 3 Judges).

2 Aussies flew to Russia and spent
a freezing (-30 degrees) month with
Dr Mike, in his home. Taking over
200 Hours of Footage, this DVD
is a selection of some of the best
bits, and you are sure to learn a lot!

… and now (if you hurry) they are letting
you grab the full 2 DVD witch have will be
released by Oct 2010 this year. They have
a special promotion where you can
pre-order at a $30 USD Discount,
for the 1st 100 Orders only.

So have a look, the even have created a
DVD trailer.

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