Congratulations to these entries. You have all won a copy of our DVD delivered to your door.

It was hart to nail it down to these as we had many great entries.

So here are the winning photos and a short blurb about them:


Although I am not the one who goes for completion -30 years of modeling- when it was really modelling- I will attach an images of my current model, which by the fact has been one of the most difficult ones, as i as a gift to over this model Soligh Royal from a friend, who could not make it, And I must say that I have had my difficulties my selves, as the part was coming in 3week by week, but not in a reasonable way, so NEVER TRY TO BUILD A MODEL FROM A WEELLY SUPPLIER – IN THIS CASE Altaya- as you will RUN into heavy problems. It is said that nearly a child can build it, which is a DAM Lye- I with15 models behind my has had my problems, as NO Plans of the hull etc. ate included, and the parts are coming in for commercial reason – not for building the model, so please warn everybody not going into that I am nearly at the end 4-6 Month – making the mast and Riging, but it has been 140 weeks of PAIN, so DO NOT do this, to those who wants to meke it as it in thevbeginning is cheap- 7,00E, but x 130, so ind thew end it is very expensive.

I am wreiting this – not as much for the contest- but to warn a lot of possible modellers, that it IS NOT qn EASY task as said in thepresentation- TV etc.




Good day ,
My name is Bertus and I stay in Qatar (Middle East) . In Qatar there is no model shops except for RC cars & planes, but no tools no nothing so all my goodies I have to import and I mean everything.I am building the MHS Victory (My first ever wooden ship) which I got as a gift 5 years ago. During a heavy rain storm I lost the Instruction manuel & all drawings with no help from manufacturer supplier I had to rely on info from the internet & pictures. Now you ask what have I learnt , I new nothing and what I have done I’ve learnt . As you can see from the photo’s I have just about finish planking the hull and that toke me 3 months as I started in May 2014 . It took me 4 months to gather all tools etc. A DVD with tips on ship building would be of a great help as I love this hobby and should have started it years ago.
I thank every body for there help and for shipping to this end of the world and also for those refuse to ship to Qatar .



 Wang Shuo

I’m very glad to get this opportunity to process mixed feelings, experience too much. I now believe that a bit, it is necessary to “rework” production process, believe you can overcome all difficulties.‍